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Decorations live firmly in the world of logistical reality, no matter how pretty they are. What can you afford? What can you transport? What will look good in your space? That’s why when you start planning, it’s good to get off of the Internet and into your venue, if at all possible

To further root yourself in reality, start with your venue’s list of decoration restrictions. (Chances are, they have some.) Common restrictions include open flames, attaching things to the wall, and moving the tables. Ruling those items out will narrow down your options.

Next, think about the time of day and the time of year of your wedding. A million tea lights is a kick-ass decor idea (if you’re allowed open flames), but it’s going to be near pointless if your wedding meal is at noon in a light-flooded room.

Indoor Space

The focal element of a ballroomstyle wedding is often the floor itself, where couples whirl, boogie and get down, dance-wise, during the nuptial celebration. The very word ballroom conjures up glamour, fashion, luxury and fun; these spaces are the epitome of elegance. Ballroom settings not only provide a perfect venue for brides with long guest lists but they can also be made cozy for a more intimate affair. A ballroom is a tabula rasa—a neutral space that designers can make over into either sumptuous vision of grace and style, or tailored, modern rooms that shout out “chic!” Be inspired by these celebratory spaces.

Simple tip:“The key is to always pay attention to dimension. In a large space, you need something tall, like the fountains of flowers here. But because guests will be seated much of the time, you will need eye-level beauty and details, too.


Outdoor Space

More and more brides are opting out of traditional indoor weddings and choosing to get married in the exotic outdoors. Whether your marriage takes place in a field, backyard, mountain top, or on a beach, an outdoor wedding really captures an air of romance. Use scenery and natural landscapes to your decorating advantage, and embrace a less-is-more approach.

A primary concern when it comes to planning an outdoor wedding is the lovely weather. However, there are other wedding planning points that you will need to think about including: logistics, contingency plans, décor, and even the restroom situation!


Outdoor lighting is key for a wedding reception that carries into the evening, and can really set the mood. Check your location to see if you are allowed open flames like candles or tiki torches. If you want to go with the ever so popular string/bulb lighting, make sure there are attachments from which the strings can hang.

Perhaps you want to have spot lights in some areas such as on a curtain or building. There are many options to choose, just make sure you have done your homework on placement and that spot lights are acceptable.

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